Kate Lawrence

Kate has over 20 years in website and graphic design experience. She started her website design back in the days of Netscape 1.0 and has run her own Web Site Design business(es) since 1995.

Originally established in Cairns, she also travelled to and worked in Melbourne for a few years (including some time on contract to larger firms such as Com Tech and Spotless) before moving to Adelaide and working for OptusNet Support which gave her insight into the corporate side of the internet businesses.

Darren Williamson

Darren has spent many years working with computers and on the internet. He originally joined the online community back in 1996 and has spent many years learning about the intricacies of the Wwweb. Recently Darren was working for IBM and Apple Support in Brisbane however he is seeking a challenge and change of pace and is now working with Indigo Cat providing technical and computer support assistance to our clients. His time at IBM and Apple Support, and in customer service means he knows how frustrating it can be to be unable to find good service and believes in providing the best service - where possible! Darren primarily looks after our technical department however Kate often calls on him to provide fresh eyes when editing code. Darren has also developed remarkable multitasking and patience being a hands on father... he has 2 teenagers (he raised) and 3 youngsters with Kate and they share the parenting and business duties equally.
We have recently taken care of our 4 grandchildren as foster children, so we are a little less free with our time than we used to be and some times are very hard to talk, like 5pm-6pm so please be patient with us and we will provide you with the best service we can around our responsibilities. Please feel free to talk to us if you have any further queries. We are a small business but we have both worked in large corporations so understand different perspectives.

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